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Welcome to the online home of ArcticFlame

Fire, the passion and belief in one's music and one's self. Ice, the ability to ignore all who criticize or think they know what's best and continue doing what you believe in. These are just two of the qualities found in heavy metal's newest member, ArcticFlame. In a world where everyone follows the flavor of the month, AF sticks to their guns and creates music they grew up on and continue to enjoy.

The latest news ...

All songs went to producer Brian Anthony, who is working on the mixing part of this marvelous album. Also, the band has received the final artwork from artist Paul Winter of England. As with the music, each album cover is of a different style and this is no exception. A combination of medias, the albums focus is on myself (Morty) with a few friends getting their ass kicked in a certain religious city (hint: it's in the title: Demons in Rome", heheheheh). The band won't release it just yet, but in a short while. Stay thirsty my friends..?!?!??!? Who they hell says that...bottoms up, y'all!!!....Morty

Slowly but surely, the recordings for the new album, "Demons in Rome" is coming to an end. Songs have been scratched, re-written and re-recorded just to get things exactly to the bands ideas. Yes, it has been taken quite a long time but I assure you, this will be worthwhile. There are only 2 song that need vocals and we can get this race into the last stretch, which really means final mixing. In between, the band has finished a cover song for a Deep Purple tribute through Versailles Records. AF will be performing, "Flight of the Rat" from Purples "In Rock" album. I've heard the basic tracks and it is intense. Hey, you're not gonna beat Deep Purple at their own game but this horse just came in a good distant second. This tribute album will be released in the fall. Exact date will be announced as soon as we know...thanks, hope you have a good day and have a drink on me...Morty!!!

From the upcoming album, "Demons in Rome", a cover version of the song, "Tower" from the 1970's semi-progressive band, Angel.

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