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Welcome to the online home of ArcticFlame

Fire, the passion and belief in one's music and one's self. Ice, the ability to ignore all who criticize or think they know what's best and continue doing what you believe in. These are just two of the qualities found in heavy metal's newest member, ArcticFlame. In a world where everyone follows the flavor of the month, AF sticks to their guns and creates music they grew up on and continue to enjoy.

The latest news ...

Oh Boy...this past year and a half has been a boring one. The boys are still waiting for a release date for the album "Demons in Rome". They've been getting several emails asking when it will be released and they honestly don't know. Please send all inquiries to Killer Metal Records. But during this current epidemic, the band has begun writing for the next album. They are schedule to play the Hard Summer Festival in Falkenfels, Bavaria in September as long as things progress as they are. Stay stay and stay metal....Morty

Yes, it's been a long time but we do have some news to announce. ArcticFlame has signed a 5 year deal with Killer Metal Records of Germany. The first album on our new home, will be "Demons in Rome" which release date will be announced at a later date. Thanks to Jens Häfner for his support! Prost!!!!! Hot Dawg..!!!!!! Looking forward to this!!!! Morty

Happy New Years..yes, it's been awhile since we have posted here. A member of the band had been going through personal problems but is back on the saddle. The new album, "Demons in Rome" has been finished and now the band is searching for a new label. Hopefully we will have more news in the next coming weeks but until then keep the metal faith!!!!

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