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   ArcticFlame: Band

ArcticFlame was formed in 2001 by drummer Mike Paradine. Soon after leaving his previous band, Balistik Kick, Mike wanted to form a new band influenced by the traditional metal of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Motorhead.  After their first gig as support for Thin Lizzy in a small club in new York City, the band continued a relentless performing schedule through out the tri-state area. Soon after the band became known as a force to be reckoned with and started opening for several national and international bands such as Motorhead, Overkill, Helloween, WASP and many others. It was a one of these shows that guitarist/producer, Jack Frost (Savatage, Seven Witches) saw the band and showed interest in the band. A deal was struck and the band found themselves in Gear Studios, owned and operated by DD Verni (Overkill) recording their debut album, "Primeval Aggressor". After a false start with one record label, the album was released on April 8th 2006 by Battle Cry Records of Germany the same date the band played their first metal festival at Keep It True VII.  Songs such as "Steel Angels" and the Celtic inspired "Green Lady (of the hill)", quickly became live favorites. To date, the album has sold out and is out of print. Once again finding themselves opening for national acts such as Gamma Ray and Helloween, the band entered the studio to record Declaration. Dave Manheimer, who engineered "Primeval Aggressor" was now behind the boards for this effort. The band was focused on a more raw, straight forward metal sound than the first album. "Lords of the Wasteland", "Hammer Down" and the more melodic, "Desert Moon", did not disappoint. This album was released on December 8th, 2008 by Pure Steel Records. Word spread fast and AF was invited to appear at festivals in Holland and Bavaria.  

Unexpected line-up changes caused a slight set back for the band in late 2010, but after a short search, Michael Clayton Moore was found on vocals and original bassist, Jeff Scott and original guitarist Rod Mariani had returned.  Along with Sebastian Garcia on guitar, and Mike Paradine behind the drums, the band is back on solid ground and is ready again to blaze a path for more metal. "The band was always known as an exciting band on stage. That seemed to get away with some of the former members in the past years, which was addressed and corrected" the band proclaimed. "We can now start the carnage all over again!" Though the band has seen various line up changes, the mission has always been the same¦to continue the tradition of performing true metal¦..to mix the sensibilities of European metal with the raw upbringing of American metal. And with the sound of the new songs, the band is upholding that tradition. AF released their 4th album, "Shake the Earth" in 2012.

And with Morty the Orb gracing the cover of their albums and making appearances on stage, the band has both hands on the detonator, ready to destroy!!

In a world where everyone seems to follow the flavor of the month, ArcticFlame sticks to their guns and creates the music they grew up on and still listen to..Flame On!!!

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