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   Jeff Scott: Bassist

The prodigal son has returned.. Original ArcticFlame bassist, Jeff Scott, has taken his rightful place in the band. Jeff brings back the thundering bass and insane stage presence that he was known and loved for. Jeff attributes the Beatles and the BTO as very early influences. When the wave of metal crushed in the late 70's and 80's, he lists KISS, DIO, Motley Crue, Ozzy, Cinderella, Scorpions, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, WASP etc as a newly found point of inspiration.
  His weapons of choice on stage consists of an Ampeg SVT Pro 3 amp and a SVT Classic 4/10 cabinet. The primary basses that he uses are the BC Rich issues of the Gene Simmons Punisher and Axe basses, noting that they have the attack that's needed for the current ArcticFlame song list.  Other basses include a Gibson Ripper, an Ibanez Iceman and Music Man Stingray.

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