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   Rod Mariani: Guitar

Growing up in Porto Alegre, Brazil, Rod first showed his desire to play guitar at age 10.

"I grew up listening to my older brother's records, a lot of Pink Floyd and Jethro Tull," Rod said. "I was excited by the albums especially the guitar solos. Every time David Gilmour did a solo I would get a broomstick and make believe I was playing along."

Rod would have to wait three more years though before his dad would buy him a cheap  electric guitar for Christmas. Diving into the instrument, he took lessons for two years and eventually joined a hard rock cover band with some friends, playing songs by Gun 'n' Roses, Motley Crue and the like. He eventually joined other groups and gigged in his  hometown area, usually playing cover songs and throwing in the occasional original tune.  

In 1992, Rod visited his older brother who had moved to New Jersey and got his first taste of the U.S. After the three week stay, Rod returned to Brazil eager to start a new group.

By chance he met a musician in a bar one day who was looking for a second guitarist for his heavy metal cover band. Though he had played hard rock and classic rock, Rod says he wasn't that familiar with metal.

"He lent me an Iron Maiden album, 'Fear of the Dark' and I loved it. Then he lent me the first  Maiden album and I started learning the solos by Dave Murray. He also let me borrow Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. I loved them all and so I joined the band."
After a while, Rod decided he wanted pursue original music. Meanwhile he was finding it difficult to find good work in Brazil, particularly being a long hair in a conservative part of the country. When the opportunity arose to move to the U.S., Rod jumped at the chance  and so moved to Jersey in October of 1993, working a construction job and playing in bands at night.    

During the 90s, Rod played in several short-lived outfits and recorded an album with a Spanish rock band, Hierva. In 2001 he co-founded Arctic Flame with Mike Paradine.

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