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Welcome to the online home of ArcticFlame

Fire, the passion and belief in one's music and one's self. Ice, the ability to ignore all who criticize or think they know what's best and continue doing what you believe in. These are just two of the qualities found in heavy metal's newest member, ArcticFlame. In a world where everyone follows the flavor of the month, AF sticks to their guns and creates music they grew up on and continue to enjoy.

The latest news ...

Some small details concerning the new album. Drums were re-recorded about 2 weeks ago as producer Brian Anthony wanted a more "live" feel. Some lyrics and melodies have been completed with titles consisting of "I All Mighty", "The Coyotes Watch", "Running Toward the Enemy", "Sins of Retribution", "Her Cross to Bear", "Nevermind My Name (Just Know Who I Am), "Silence of the Templars" and the tentative album title song, "Demons in Rome". There maybe a cover song thrown in but that's in the air at this time. There are a total of 14 songs and it's hopeful all will appear on the album. Well, that's it for now, see you in a few...Morty

Yeah, it's been quite some time since the band has had some news. Recording for the new album is slow but coming along nicely. Producer Brian J Anthony meets with members in the next few days to discuss the next step in the sessions. In between the recording, drummer Mike Paradine's solo band, MPG, performed in Columbus Ohio in for a benefit with legendary cult frontman, Eric Moore of The Godz. The band did a set of Godz songs with Eric coming front and center to do his rap in "Gotta Keep A Runnin'". Joining MPG were AF members Rod Mariani on guitar and bassist Jeff Scott, filling in. MPG also did some biker club shows in the area. John Risko, AF's newly added guitarist, has been keeping busy in his side cover project, Denim and Leather and had vocalist, Ski of Deadly Blessing, handling vocal duties for a couple shows. Singer Michael Clayton Moore continues to do his acoustic show throughout the New Jersey and now, especially down the Jersey shore area. In cinema news, guitarist Sebastian Garcia is appearing as a martial art expert in a yet untitled movie. Though the band has been quiet for most of the last several months, members have been keeping the metal flowing through other avenues... Til next time..avoid a hangover, stay drunk!!!!!

Hope everyone and a great Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate and that your hangover wasn't too bad following the celebration on New Years Eve. The bands upcoming album is in the hands of producer Brian Anthony. Along with guitarist John Risko, they are putting together different version for some of the songs. This will help in determining how to write the melodies and lyrics and to give a precise musical direction of the album. No time table has been set for completion or release as the band is really taking their time on this one. The good thing is that the band has written more songs for the album after this one...

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